Swing Speak would like to thank
The Virginia Commission For The Arts Touring Program
for all their support during our two seasons with the program in 1999 and 2000. Through this program we were able to bring our music to new audiences all over Virginia. Swing Speak continues to be available for community concerts and school programs.

Available Programs
In addition to their regular concert performances, Swing Speak also offers "Jazz A Great American Art Form." This educational and entertaining program highlights significant periods in the history of jazz; from turn-of-the-century New Orleans to jazz in the modern era."Jazz Tells A Story," uses musical play to teach students how to understand the complex forms of jazz. The story line is suggested by the students and improvised by the members of Swing Speak. A high school or college level jazz masterclass uses live demonstrations to illustrate the techniques of jazz performance. Each instrument is featured to show it's contribution to the evolution of the jazz sound. For booking information contact us through the e-mail address below.

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